The original idea for Spacekid was sparked by the song “Every Nigga is a Star” by Boris Gardiner. After playing around in my head I landed on making a character that’s a “what if Lando Calrissian was astroboy inside of the Futurama universe” type of thing.

Even though the feedback for my Ruby & Ozzy characters was immensely positive and welcomed with love, there was still a shit ton of hateful people saying outrageously negative stuff. The things some people are willing to say while they’re hiding behind their computers is nuts. The hate was fueled by people not wanting these beloved characters re-imagined and repurposed into an art experiment about representation. Basically they didn’t like race or color being attached to the characters. Blah, blah, blah, fuck them. This stuff doesn’t really knock me off my axis but it’s definitely bothersome. For every 1000 positive people there’s 100 or so bizarrely negative ones. So sometimes I have to step back and realign.

But anyway, this was all just one long note in my iPhone. I write rants in my phone as a form of therapy, it’s actually really helpful and relaxing. Sorry for the profanity.