Universe explores Rello's world through different lenses.

The Artist

RELLO, a self-taught and renowned contemporary pop artist based in Chicago, has made a significant impact over his decade-long career. He is known for his dynamic art spanning editions, consumer goods, and collectibles, rooted in the Pop Art movement which highlights mass culture in a satirical manner. His work, recognized for featuring popular culture icons in his unique rubber-hose style, delves into themes of self-love and acceptance.

Beyond his artistry, RELLO is a dedicated community member and philanthropist, founding Cherry Mountain, a nonprofit art center that merges fine art with community engagement. His versatile artistic skills have led to collaborations with major brands like Nike and Google, and international recognition at art fairs like ComplexCon.

RELLO's work often reinterprets iconic characters to explore cultural narratives and societal perceptions, with Ozzy “The Bad Mouse” being a standout creation. His art, underpinning questions of identity and love, seeks to resonate on a universal level while also reflecting specific cultural experiences.

Continually inspiring and engaging audiences, RELLO's influence extends from the Chicago art scene to the global stage.